Welcome to Inner Wheel District 2

DC Margaret RussellThank you for visiting our District 2 website.

I am honoured and delighted to be District 2 Chairman for 2016-2017 and am very much looking forward to my journey and visiting our thirteen clubs.

I became a member of the Inner Wheel Club of Tranent some 16 years ago; have been President twice and currently secretary. Prior to becoming District 2 Chairman I was the District International Chairman. I am married to Rod, a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Longniddry and District, we have two children and three grandchildren and have lived in Longniddry East Lothian for forty five years.

I worked within education for thirty years and was also a volunteer within the Guiding Movement for almost the same period of time. I have been a Rainbow and Brownie Guider as well as holding Adviser positions, in various capacities, within the county and also at Scottish level.

Rod and I are actively involved on the committee of the East Lothian Members’ Centre of the National Trust for Scotland and have been since it was established in 1988. We enjoy caravanning and have done so since our children were very young exploring the length and breadth of Britain and France with many return trips to our favourite places.

Margaret Russell
District Chairman 2016-2017


Association Conference gets under way

nottingham 1

nottingham 2nottingham 3nottingham 4

Members of D2 at the Association Conference in Nottingham


Song for CHAS

Song for chasA joint venture between Rotary District 1020 and Inner Wheel District 2 in support of CHAS, on Sunday 23rd April 2017.

Performing at the concert are three choirs  - Border Tarts, Midge, and the Clark Community Choir, as well as Capriccio Quartet and soloist Ana Filogonio. .

Tickets price £12 are available from Mrs Diane Burrow. Cheques should be made out to No 2 District Inner Wheel. Click the image for more.




Our International Inner Wheel Theme for 2016-2017 is:-

“Touch a Heart”

IIW theme logo 2016 2017

Touch a Heart, gives birth to kindness, being generous with your time, money, resources and willingness to help.  Your true wealth is the good you do in the world.  Be kind to earth, honour the idea of a global community, that we are each other’s keepers, ensuring safety, security, comfort, wellness, beauty and peace.  Be kind to yourself, take care of your body by eating well, it goes through to the heart.   Be kind with your words.  Words spoken are like a broken egg, you cannot park them back.  Be careful your word do not hurt your heart and the heart of others around you.
Touch a Heart, applies to our relationship with other people, animal, plants, and the Earth.  It may be offering of helping hand, patiently waiting your turn, returning a phone call or favour, or even cheerfully responding with a smile.  You can touch a heart by listening, not necessarily giving advice, just listening to someone pouring emotions out, with patience.  Giving someone a part on the back, a warm hug, when there is no one to acknowledge, can give the courage to move a mountain.  A wink of an eye that means you can do it.

Touch a Heart through the way you treat your environment, the trees are our lungs, the rivers our bloodstream, they are all inter connected and what you do to environment ultimately you do to yourself.  Kindness in the way we handle our environment, the oxygen we breathe works through our lungs and fuel our blood through our heart.

We can give compassion through “Touch a Heart”, an essential part of our life.   The smile expressed by the recipient of your kindness is an experience more powerful than words.   To become acquitted with touching a heart, one must be prepared to learn new things, and feel new feelings.

 Touch a Heart is more than a philosophy of mind, it is a philosophy of the Spirit.

Oluyemisi Alatise
International Inner Wheel President 2016-2017


 District 2


 District 2 covers Central and Southern Scotland from Lanarkshire through Edinburgh to the east coast and down through the Borders



 Chairman Margaret's Club Visits

Eastern Borders Sep 8th
Annan Sep 27th
Motherwell & Wishaw Oct 4th
Monklands Oct 6th
Edinburgh Oct 13th
Galashiels Oct 18th
Musselburgh Oct 19th
Tranent Oct 20th
Larkhall Nov 8th
Falkirk Nov 10th lunch
Lanark Nov 10th pm
Kirkcudbright Nov 16th
Corstorphine Nov 28th