Welcome to Inner Wheel District 2

District CHairman Sue Morris

District 2 is one of 29 Districts across Great Britain and Ireland. It comprises 10 clubs across East, Central and Southern Scotland; about one third of Scotland in total area!

I am honoured to represent all our clubs as your District Chairman for 2021/22 and be the first person from my own club, Kirkcudbright to hold this position. I hope my other club members will consider following me in joining D 2 executive.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at my Rally next May which will be held near Dumfries. This is a special occasion as we shall be celebrating 70 years of District 2. Why not join us and even consider having a short break!

The last 18 months have been very difficult and we have not been able to attend meetings face to face since last March and I hope, now that we are all double vaccinated we will be able to soon meet up again in person. I am optimistic that I shall be able to visit all the clubs in person over the next 12 months.

Our new Association President, Betty Roberts has chosen The Stroke Association as her charity for this year and it is with this in mind that I shall be raffling a stool which I will have upholstered in an Abraham Moon fabric. I shall be unveiling it at my peer group meeting at our Assembly in September.

Our new International theme for the year is “Pink First” I’m not quite sure how to interpret this as yet but the three year project of “Strong Women, Stronger World” does resonate with what as an organisation we are all about.

We are all in the end volunteers, and we should as clubs do as much as we are able whilst still enjoying ourselves and having fun. Clubs managed to do an amazing amount last year and it is thanks to Mae, Past Chairman and the clubs themselves that we have mostly all kept in touch – zoom may well be the way to go in some instances!

With our glasses half full this year rather than half empty, let’s hope we can consolidate our membership and even recruit some new ladies to our wonderful organisation; the largest women’s organisation in the world.

I look forward to seeing you all soon and my very best wishes for a wonderful year.

In friendship


Sue Morris
District Chairman



Virtual International Inner Wheel Convention

Past District Chairman Mae Barr along with other club members in D2 attended the first Virtual International Inner Wheel Confvention in Jaipur, India.

4,300 Inner Wheel members from all around the world took part. Our IIW President Dr Bina Vyas gave a very warm welcome to everyone attending. Although this was a virtual meeting, we still got the feeling we were in India with performances of various Indian dances. Not forgetting the two Inspirational speakers. Well done to the organising committee for an excellent conference.


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 District 2


 District 2 covers Central and Southern Scotland from Lanarkshire through Edinburgh to the east coast and down through the Borders




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