Inner Wheel

The Aims & Objectives of Inner Wheel


To promote true friendship

Clubs meet regularly and have a full and varied programme including speakers on subjects of interest. By meeting regularly friendships are built and maintained. Each club plans interclub meetings when other clubs are invited to join in the activities and in that way their circle of friends is broadened.

To encourage the ideals of personal service

By working together as friends our clubs have an outstanding record of personal service to the community, some examples are:

  • staffing the tea bar at the local hospital
  • support at the local stroke club
  • helping at the local hospice
  • filling Rotary Aquaboxes and Shoe Boxes
  • running a charity shop
  • supporting national charities

To foster international understanding

Clubs support their own choice of overseas charities as well as their District and Association Overseas Service Chairman's chosen charity. Clubs also support the International Inner Wheel service project. Clubs correspond with their link clubs overseas and meet every three years at the International Convention.


History of Inner Wheel

International Inner Wheel is most probably the largest women's Voluntary Service Organisation in the world. We hold Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) status with the United Nations and have representatives in its three centres of Geneva, New York and Vienna and are therefore able to play an important role in today’s world.

Since its inception in 1924 Inner Wheel continues to grow as new Clubs form in many countries. We are the sister organisation of Rotary International and currently we have more than 100,000 members in over 101 countries and geographical locations. Members enjoy working together making new friends and having fun whilst experiencing the sense of ‘belonging’ that Club life brings. Visiting members wherever we are in the world is a great joy and the start of lifelong friendships.

However that is by no means the sole objective of Inner Wheel as Service to those less fortunate than ourselves - the vulnerable, young people and the elderly - both at home and in the developing countries is equally important. It is given in many ways from general long term support to providing goods, funds and practical ‘hands on’ help in emergencies and disaster areas and our members are among the first to respond.

A tree was planted last year in a ceremony in the Inner Wheel garden at the National Arboretum to mark 90 years of Inner Wheel


 District 2


 District 2 covers Central and Southern Scotland from Lanarkshire through Edinburgh to the east coast and down through the Borders


Club visits

Thurs 13th Sept Eastern Borders
Wed 19th Sept Kirkcudbright
Tues 2nd Oct Motherwell & Wishaw
Thur 4th Oct Monklands
Thurs 11th Oct Edinburgh
Tues 16th Oct Galashiels
Wed 17th Oct Musselburgh
Thurs 18th Oct Tranent
Tues 6th Nov Larkhall
Thurs 8th Nov Falkirk
Thurs 8th Nov Lanark
Mon 26th Nov Corstorphine